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Review: I Wish I Might

Here’s my first review. Hope you enjoy. 🙂

I Wish I Might, by Jocelyn ModoYellow Silk Dreams

As war comes to her home planet, her home city, Calixte realizes her father’s plan to ask for aid won’t work. She decides to initiate her own plan, knowing what the consequences might be, but intent on saving her world.

So begins I Wish I Might, by Jocelyn Modo, a science-fiction romance. Calixte’s home planet of Cepheum is under attack by the forces of the Uriga; Cepheum’s only hope for victory lies in winning the aid of Indus, a planet that is not an enemy, but not a friend. The neutral relationship is strained by Cepheum’s refusal to participate in any marriage alliances with Indus, whose population is heavily out of gender balance. Calixte knows this, and knows that Cepheum’s leader–her father–will fail secure their aid will fail and so offers the one thing she knows Indus is most likely to accept.

Ms. Modo places us in the action at the start, as Calixte wakes to the sound of battle and wastes no time developing a plan and putting it into action. Although her heroine faces obstacles, none are unbelievable, and that helps make a new world more real to the reader. Calixte takes a problem common in history—that women are viewed as little more than property—and tries to turn it to her advantage. Her assets are few: herself, her courage, and three friends who risk their lives to help her.

Ms. Modo and Calixte move ahead, knowing time is of the essence. Calixte learns a lot in a short time about herself, her father, and the Indus, who are not as she expected. The pace is quick; you’re never waiting for something to happen.

Something does happen: Calixte meets the leader of the Indus, Sarin, who is not what she’d expected. Not when the Indus have made a reputation for themselves as cutthroat warriors. Sarin proves himself to be more than the public perception of his people, and Calixte is relieved both that he accepts her plan, and her.

I do wish there had been more—I’d like to know more about Calixte, her relationship with her father, and the history between Cepheum and Indus. I’m also curious about how the different cultures of the two races developed. However, for this story we have what we need: a gutsy heroine who will do what she can to save her world, even when she’s not sure what will happen if she does.

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