It’s been a long time

But I am still here. 🙂

I know, I haven’t blogged in a year. Not that there haven’t been things worth blogging about, but I’m sure plenty of other people have covered them.

So onto the writing. I haven’t done much. Somehow, the time is never there. Or if the time is there, the ability to focus often isn’t. Surprising how much of the issue is focus and not time, really. You can’t always be creative just when a small window of time is open.

Let’s move on. I have written a story! I’ll even provide a link. There’s a catch: you’ll have to guess which story is mine from the list.

Those of you who have read my stories on Literotica may remember that I participated in a couple of “Friendly, Anonymous Writing Challenges,” or FAWCs. They were organized by a user who went by slyc_willie, and unfortunately, he passed away in October of this year.

Several other Lit users, including myself, wanted to pay a little tribute and keep the spirit of  FAWC going and so a memorial challenge was quickly organized, and the stories are now available. Each participant selected one of the letters in the word “slyc,” then received four words starting with that letter, around which the story had to be built. I can say that for each letter, the choices were indeed challenging.

The stories are available here. You can read, vote and comment anonymously at Lit, or you can create an account. Please do enjoy all the stories, and leave a little feedback — we writers love that.

Special thanks to user/moderator _Lynn_ at Lit for all of her help.

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  1. SA Penn Lady, Welcome back! Best holiday wishes to you and your family.


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