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Time to wrap it up

But only for the year. 🙂

So I didn’t write as much as I’d hoped to this year, which I’m sure happens to many of us. The events of real life just take precedence, and carving out time for thing is hard, especially when the rewards are more intangible.

In fact I only wrote two stories, both parts of unofficial challenges at Literotica. One was called Keeping Secrets, and was inspired by the song “Written in Rock” by Rick Springfield. The other was Empires of the Stars, and the challenge there was to write a story beginning with the following sentence:

Upon the table lay three items: a handkerchief, a book, and a knife.

I can’t say I was exploring any great or profound themes in the stories, but they were fun to write. In Keeping Secrets a man and a woman each rationalize why they are keeping something secret from each other. I bet nearly all of us do this. That there is something we keep to ourselves out of fear, or fear of upsetting someone else, and so we find ways to work around it. I generally believe, as Sylvia says in the story, that this is not harmful so long as the secret does no harm to the people involved, or the relationship. But sometimes, you need to share.

Empires of the Stars was just a one-off, something of a satire of the various types of tropes in erotic stories and other things. I know it confused some people at first, including the gentleman who organized the contest and contacted me to make sure I hadn’t sent an incomplete draft. 🙂 However, once people got it, they seemed to like it, and so I’m grateful for that.

As always I’m hoping to do more writing in the year ahead, and so I’ll have to make a real effort to carve that time out even if it means making the dishes wait a bit.

Thanks to everyone who keeps reading, I’m grateful to you too.

All the best and Happy New Year. 🙂

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