I don’t and won’t often do this, but I’m going to call out an author.

E.F. Turner has stolen from authors. I know of many, including myself, who post at Literotica. For an example, in her “Erotica Collection #9,” she has plagiarized my entire story, Island Encounter, only changing the name of the lead character from John to Justin.

My story, Island Encounter, was posted on Literotica and in November 2010, as you can see on my submissions page. Her book was published in May of 2014, and it was hardly the only one stolen from authors. Please spread the word; if you recognize a story, please leave me a comment or if you can contact the author, do so. Most stories seem to be in the BDSM and Incest and Non-Consent categories.

I realize it’s a risk you take on the internet, posting things for free, but I’m not going to let someone take advantage of me if I can help it.

This is her Facebook page; if you can post proof of stolen stories, please do. She’s also on Goodreads. I’m not asking anyone — in fact, I explicitly ask that you don’t — to bully or otherwise harass her. Pointing out the stolen stories is enough.


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  1. I spread the word. So sorry to hear about this, Eve. Theft if theft, regardless, and it always hurts the author.


    • Thanks, Blak, and sorry for the late reply here. Theft is theft and hurts the original creator, true. It also doesn’t do much for the thief, at least in my estimation.


  2. Just checked E.F.Turner on Amazon (12 July) and she is listed with just one book – The Men’s Room. This is 15 pages long and cost $1.49. Unless it is a masterpiece of the storyteller’s craft, that does not look like good value to me. Much better for readers to buy Eve’s books which are good quality and guaranteed to be written by Eve…


  3. A little after the event, but I had many of my stories stolen by this plagiarising thief as well, and from the exact same sites.

    She seems to have disappeared for now, but no doubt she’ll be back before too long and up to the same tricks.

    Drop me a line if you want to compare notes on the experience of being plagiarised or hear something more about our mutual friend.


    • Sorry to take so long to post this, Nate. I thought I had. I will let you know if I hear anything else. For the record, I just now checked her Facebook page and any links to Amazon and Smashwords are gone (as far as I could tell, anyway). Her most recent blog post is requesting help in funding her dog’s diabetes treatments. I wouldn’t be surprised if she tries something similar again, but all we can do is watch.


      • I’ve found the same when I’ve periodically checked her online presence, nothing on there but some vague trumpeting a few months back claiming to have signed a major publishing deal and now next to nothing. Much as I advocate kindness to animals, I can’t help but think that it’s amazingly cheeky for someone who claims to be making a mint from her writing to be soliciting money for the purpose of caring for her pet. In addition, her previous bad character makes me wonder if there is really an ailing pet in the background at all.

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