Story is up

My new story, “Lessons Learned,” is now up at Literotica, at this link:

This is, as I said before, new territory for me as it’s a lesbian romance. If you do read it, feedback is welcome. 🙂

An excerpt:

 I let her pull me farther onto the dance floor. She swayed her hips to the beat and put her hands on my waist, enticing me to mirror her movements. Her eyes locked on mine. I responded to the pressure of her hands and rocked back and forth. After a few minutes, I put my hands on her shoulders and stepped a little closer.

Our bodies touched as we used dancing as an excuse to get as physically close as possible. No one noticed since the place was so crowded, and likely no one cared. This club was gay-friendly, so two women or two men getting close didn’t draw much attention.

Lia kept her eyes on mine as she danced. I relaxed as the alcohol started having its effect and I slipped into the familiar feel of being with Lia. I pulled her to me and trailed a hand down her back and over her ass.

She bit her lip and closed her eyes for a moment. When she opened them, I saw the want. She dragged her hand up from my waist and over my breast before settling on my neck. Her fingernails skimmed over my shoulder and neck, raising goose bumps on my skin. I put one hand behind her neck and leaned in to kiss her.

I was playing with fire but I didn’t care.

Happy Reading!


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