Here it is, February

I’m sure you’re used to my apologies for not posting more often, but I do have to say that I had not intended to go the entire month of January without posting something. In my defense, we have many January birthdays in our house, and we worked in a visit to my husband’s family. So here’s hoping thing settle down a bit now that we’re into February.

With that in mind, I do plan to start writing again. I have ideas, as I’ve said before, I just haven’t had the time. It’s difficult to manage family, the house, writing, and anything else that goes on. I have the feeling a lot of people think that when you’re at home, you’re time is your own, but in many ways it isn’t. Some things must be done, like laundry, cleaning, cooking, etc. By the end of the day, when the kids are back from school and you’ve made dinner (and perhaps cleaned up after it) and then the kids are in bed — a person is tired.

I once saw a Rita Rudner television special and at the end of the show, she said she would take questions, and described this as the portion of the show where she had to be funny “all of a sudden.” That’s lately how I’ve felt about any free time I have. I may not know I’m going to get it, and I probably don’t know how long it will last. It’s hard to get into a creative or even relaxed mode when you have that going on. Even when I can take some time, I find it’s a bit like a vacation — it takes about half of your vacation to really relax, and by the time you hit that point, you have to get ready to leave.

On the other hand, I recall some Garrison Keillor advice when he was a columnist at If you want to be a writer, he said (and I paraphrase), stop bitching and write. If that’s your job, or the job you want, then do it. And with that in mind, I am to get back into the routine. It may take a bit, but I will.

Writing can be somewhat daunting, and like many other things, we don’t realize how much so until we try it. Writing, as much or perhaps more than most creative arts, has people thinking “I can do that.” We all go through schools writing essays, the occasional poem and story, etc. But you know what? When you really sit down to write something, you realize it’s more than you thought. There are actions and feelings to describe; events to relate; time lines and plots to keep straight; and let’s not forget the grammar and punctuation (although a great many either have forgotten or never learned).

It’s a good feeling, though, when you’ve finished something, or at least I think it is. When I first finished a story, I was pleased. I had started many stories before that, but never finished them. That was a big block.

The next block will be doing something about publication. I’d like to say thank you to everyone who has asked or commented that they wish something was available. I have discovered that publishing is as daunting as the writing. ISBNs, at least in the US, are not cheap but are required. Sending to publishers requires a cover letter (aaauuggghhh! to quote Charlie Brown), not to mention patience.

So although it’s February already (and tomorrow is Punxatawny Phil’s big day!), it’s still early in the year with time to get things done. I hope to have some more stories available, either via free sites or sale, and will keep you updated.

On that note, a new compilation of stories from Yellow Silk Dreams, with stories by Jocelyn Modo, Gemma Parkes and Jacqueline George and more is due out soon. The theme is “enchanted.” I hope you enjoy it.


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