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Year-End Wrap Up

And here it is, the end of 2012, and despite the best efforts of all the faux Nostradamuses (Nostradami?) we are still here. Per usual, I am late in blogging, but it’s not 2013 yet!

I didn’t write as much as I’d hoped this year. My output was two main things — the conclusion of Rhythm and the Blue Line, and a story posted in the summer called King’s Bay.

I’d gotten about halfway through Rhythm at the end of 2011 and picked up with Chapter 7 in 2012. The whole story took far longer than I’d hoped to do and post, and I think next year, any long stories will be finished before I post them, or nearly so. Sometimes the desire for feedback gets the better of a writer, and posting starts too early. Ah well.

King’s Bay was a different effort for me, mainly because I a) wrote it in first person and b) that person was a guy. However, it seemed to go over well and I was told the sex was hot. What better compliment could an author wish for? 😉 KB was also an odd mix of inspiration — a Marillion song, “Cannibal Surf Babe,” and the basic outlines of the story of Odysseus and Calypso from The Odyssey. You never know what will get you thinking.

The events at the end of the year, particularly in Newtown, CT, also put a damper on any desire to blog. What can you say about that? I know I’m liberal-leaning, if not at outright liberal, so I want more gun control and a lot of it. But there were enough people arguing about more and less control, bans and not, that I didn’t think I really needed to add my opinion. Not to mention that such things make going on about writing romantic and/or erotic fiction look, well, not so important.

But life does go on and people will continue to read and I hope to continue to give them something to read. So here’s hoping for more writing and reading in the New Year.


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