Storm’s over

At long last, I think we have recovered from Hurricane Sandy and all the stuff afterwards. Actually we were quite lucky. We lost power for a few hours, at night, but no longer. We had two other problems — first, our cable/internet/phones were out for two days, but honestly, that’s not so bad. Weird, but not bad. Haven’t been so disconnected in a while. All we had was my Kindle for internet access, which is fine if a bit clunky, but access was spotty.

Second problem was our boiler died on Nov 1, leaving us with no heat and hot water. Which again wasn’t so bad  until about Nov 5-6, when it started to get really cold. (And yesterday it was 70 — go figure.) However, our oil company responded quickly and we had a new boiler in a week. Our neighbors were great and let us shower over there. Naturally this had to happen with company coming. But I guess otherwise it’s no fun, right?

So, did this lead to any time to write? Sadly, no (on top of everything else, schools were closed for three days re: Sandy, and then two more scheduled days on Nov 5-6). In fact I recently received an (anonymous of course) email taking me to task for just that. If I wasn’t going to write, they grumbled, I should at least put it on my profile, blog, whatever. Actually I figured it wasn’t a bad idea, but I didn’t like being yelled at like that. I mean, it’s free, right? So I don’t post for a while — surely they know I have a life, right? Or perhaps am going through a bit of writer’s block or whatever?

I guess not. I’ll take it as a positive that someone cared enough to keep looking for my stories. And I do hope to have more out there, but well, writing takes time. I think that may be on thing that surprises writers when they start out. Looks easy enough if you have your basic story — just put the words in your head on screen or paper. But then you realize it’s not so easy. Even just the act of typing/writing out the words takes more time than you expect, because no one types as fast as you can think.

Like anything else, falling out of the habit of writing makes it more difficult to get back into it, which I’m trying to do. I do hope once I start, momentum will build. It often works that way.

And I have now been thrown totally off track as my daughter distracted me with wanting to get changed for the day. I didn’t quite mean to ramble like this anyway.

There are still a lot of people recovering from the hurricane and the damage it caused. If you’re so inclined, donate to the Red Cross to help them out, or just remember that there’s always someone who could use a hand.



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  1. Posted by Lady Falcon on November 12, 2012 at 8:55 pm

    I am very glad to hear you all made it through Sandy without too much trouble. 🙂 Write when you can and don’t let the goobers get you frustrated. After all, they are just goobers. 😉


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