Onward with Rhythm and the Blue Line

Added 6/27/12 — Chapter 10 is now available at Literotica.

Hockey season is officially over (way to go, LA Kings!) but my story’s not! So here’s a little more hockey to hold you over during the off season. Chapter 10 has been/will be posted at the usual places, and 11 soon after. Chapter 12 will be the last chapter and I hope will follow in the near future. It’s written, I’m just waiting for beta reader feedback.

Thanks to everyone who has read and commented and voted or whatever — all of that feedback means a lot. And now… an excerpt.

He imagined that it wasn’t too different from when he’d started in the NHL. He remembered how excited and nervous he’d been as he’d at last put on the sweater for an NHL team, and it was hard to say now which emotion had been stronger. All he could recall now was the feeling that he’d <i>had</i> to succeed, had to bring his play up so that he could stay at this level. Going back to his minor league team would feel like failure. Somehow, he’d done it.

He was willing to bet that Ryan felt that way. Going back to the 9:30 Club wouldn’t be an awful thing, but he knew she wanted more and he hoped she got it.

It was going on two a.m. when he let himself into his apartment. The euphoria of winning the game had faded in the last hour and all he wanted was to flop into bed. He rubbed a hand over his face as he headed back to his bedroom, disappointed that Ryan hadn’t called. Just as he finished brushing his teeth, the phone rang.


“Hi, Brody, it’s me. I’m sorry, did I wake you?”

“Hey, Ryan. No, I’m still up. Just getting ready for bed.”

“I won’t keep you, then. I got your message and wanted to call back. I know it’s late, but you said you’d be up, so I thought I’d try.” She sounded tense and he had to laugh.

“You okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine. I mean, I am a little wired but I think it’s just the weird hours catching up with me.” She paused and he heard her take a deep breath. “Okay, that’s better. How’s everything?”

“Great.” He sat on the bed and kicked off his shoes before lying back with a groan. “We won.”

“I know! I’m so glad. I didn’t get to see anything but Nate keeps me updated. He’s always shoving the box scores in my face. Wow, one more and you take the series. That’s great.”

Brody chuckled at the image she’d put in his head. “Yeah, one more. I’m not trying to look too far ahead but I’ve got a good feeling about this.”

“You guys can do it.”

“Thanks. The next game is day after tomorrow, if you get a chance to watch.”

“I’ll try, I will, but I don’t know. This has just been so crazy. I mean, we’ve been doing some promotional stuff in addition to the shows and with all the driving, sometimes I don’t even know where I am.”

“Do you know where you are now?”

“Yeah, I’m in the lobby of a Motel 6, I think.”

“You think? And why aren’t you in a room?”

“All these places look alike. Lara’s in the room talking to Trout and I didn’t feel like talking to you in the bathroom. First rule of touring: there is almost no privacy.”

“Pity. I was hoping one night we might work in a little phone sex.”



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