And it’s done

Wow, once again more time has slipped away and I have not blogged. Sorry.

However, the time has been put to good use, I think. I have finished Rhythm and the Blue Line. At least I think I have. Now I await next weekend, when my beta reader has time to go over it and shred give me his opinions. Which leaves me plenty of time to think it over, second-guess myself and tweak things.

I’ve noted before that I don’t think I fit the usual writer mode. For one thing, I want to be edited. And here’s another: I like it when my stories end. I think it’s the feeling of accomplishment, of having finished something. I’ve read a few writers who say they cried at the end, or were sad to see it end, but that’s not me. I enjoy my stories, and my characters (if I don’t, I figure there must be something wrong with the story), but stories have end points. I want to get to that end point — I want my happy ending.

I’ve written a trilogy (the Exiled books), so it’s not that I don’t like to keep a theme going, or even characters. Part of me wonders if I could write an ongoing series like JD Robb’s (Nora Roberts) …In Death series, and perhaps some time I’ll try. I just haven’t found the idea for that yet, and if I did, I’m not sure I’d want to write about another cop or private investigator or lawyer. Nothing wrong with them, but I’d want to find something different. I also enjoy reading series involving a main cast of characters; I’ve certainly read books that I didn’t want to end and was pleased to find there were more.

Still, most things can’t go on forever, including this story. So I hope you enjoy the ending, and I hope to post it soon.

In other news, summer is upon us as well as the end of school. Aaaugh! No, kidding. This is a good thing and I have some goals — stories to finish, and things I hope to fix up (tweak! tweak!) and put up on Amazon. I”ll keep you posted.



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  1. Congratulations!!!


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