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The next chapter of Rhythm and the Blue Line, Chapter 9, is now up at Literotica. It’s also up at, and at Enjoy, and feedback is always welcome!

Note on Lush: I have to post in shorter bursts there, so Ch 9 on the other sites is Chs 32-35 at Lush.


After dinner, Ryan told Brody to go while she cleaned up. He shook his head and they put away the leftovers and dishes, then he pulled her back to the living room.

“So what will we watch tonight? Food, superheroes or exploding buildings?” Ryan asked.

“I thought maybe we could listen to some music.” Brody went over to his iPod dock and turned it on. “There, how’s that?”

Ryan listened for a few beats and grinned. “Nancy Sinatra? Really?”

Brody flushed, turned around and tapped the buttons on the iPod. “What the fuck?” He gaped at the music player. “Bax, that son of a bitch! This is his iPod. I can’t believe this!” He scanned through the songs. “He switched with me! There’s all kinds of—of—I don’t know, sixties and seventies easy listening crap! Jesus, that stupid piña colada song is on here!”

Ryan laughed while he sputtered in indignation. “I thought you were trying to suggest I dress like a go-go dancer with knee-high boots.”

Brody stopped and grinned her. “I think you’d look fantastic in knee-high boots.”

“Keep dreaming.”

Brody put the offending iPod down, walked over and slid his arms around her. “Okay, you got me. Guess we’ll do without. I just thought it might be better if you wanted to talk.” He pressed his lips to her forehead. “I think you’re still upset.”

“Yeah, I am. I’m trying not to be, but I am.” Ryan let him pull her to the couch.

“I’d be upset too, you know. Your dad said some pretty lousy things.”


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