Trying something new

I’m still trying to write, believe it or not. I just seem to be in this long stretch where ideas are blocked and time is limited for the ideas I do have. Then there were a lot of birthdays, and now I have cold. Bleah. However, I do still have ideas and even managed to outline some things for future reference.

So here’s the question – what do you think when an author you like tries another genre? Or another style? Would you prefer they didn’t? Don’t mind if it’s under a pen name?

This is on my mind because I have a story in progress that would be different for me in a few ways, and I’m wondering how people will react. I’ve not had the best luck lately on the sites, in terms of ratings, with the last few stand-alones I’ve done (not that there have been many). Now, it could be that those simply aren’t my best work, and that’s fine. But I get the feeling that for at least some people, there’s a bit of surprise, if not dislike, because it’s not my “usual.” (My usual being romantic type stuff, and perhaps my nonhuman romantic type stuff.)

For example, when I posted The Collection, I thought it was fun. I can’t say the plot was terribly original, but I tried a couple of things I hadn’t done in other stories, and went for a bit of a supernatural feel. Unfortunately it was a bit of a dud, although some people enjoyed it. Was it too different, I wonder? No usual PennLady happy ending and all?

No matter — they say that you must write (or play, or draw, or paint) for yourself, otherwise no one will be happy, and that’s the motto I generally stick to. So if I have an idea for something different, I guess I’ll just have to put it out there and see what happens.

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  1. Your closing paragraph sums up my answer to your question. Let’s face it. Art is subjective, so do what ya gotta do.


  2. Posted by Lady Falcon on February 21, 2012 at 5:23 pm

    I agree with Lisa. Do what you gotta do.

    But, since you asked…when I come across a new story from a favorite author I read the synopsis. For a traditionally published book it’s usually a couple paragraphs and I get to read the excerpt too. For a story on Lit I only get that short sentence or phrase, the title, and the genre it’s posted to. In either case if a cord is not struck inside me then I don’t read it. The only exception I have is when I am reading a series then the book or chapter or next story gets read even if it doesn’t sound striking.

    I did not read “The Collection”. If I remember right it was in Erotic Horror? That is not a category I read–just not my thing. I don’t watch horror movies either unless forced. But, that is me and I wouldn’t let anyone’s opinion change what you are drawn to or inspired to create. Create for yourself and no one else.

    Take Care & God Bless,


    • Yes, “The Collection” was under Erotic Horror at Literotica, but probably would have been better classified under Sci-Fi/Fantasy. It wasn’t horror in the bloody, gory, sense, more a supernatural thing. Several people said it was like an old Twilight Zone episode, and that was probably the feel I was going for, although I have not seen the episode in question.

      Ultimately, though, I guess I just have to write the story I want to tell.


  3. Posted by David Tower on February 21, 2012 at 6:00 pm

    I’m writing under a pseudonym.

    Now, mind you, I’m not the kind of person who cares about what people think of “who I am” but there is value in separating what you write in different groups. I have a writing partner who writes for television under a different nom de guerre because he is also a stand-up comic. His concern is that if the people who came to see his stand up (very VERY blue) were fans of his television writing (very VERY serious drama) they would be offended because it’s not what they would want or expect. His concern is they might start trashing the program online (or worse, from the broadcaster’s point of view, stop watching it!) because he offended them.

    Who I am as a person is very public. I live an alternate lifestyle, make no bones about it, and even though my non-ertoica work is ribald, to say the least, separating it from my erotica with a different name allows me more freedom to express myself. I am not concerned with publication/production politics (they are a fact of life) for me, the different name is more about allowing *me* to be more comfortable in my writing.

    Sharon is right, speaking on your last paragraph: You must write for yourself. *How* you write, what you do to express yourself, those are things you do so you *can* write.

    The best advice I can EVER give another writer is the advice I myself have been given:

    Just write.

    If you want, feel free to email me about this. 🙂 Now excuse me, but I am going to go read “The Collection!”


    • Thanks, David. 🙂 I am not any kind of public figure, but I do write under a pseudonym because I do feel it lets me taps into a different part of me that can say things more comfortably that the usual me might not. There’s not a huge separation, but there is one.

      I realized, though, that posting this work in progress (WIP) under an alt at one site is pretty useless if I don’t post it under that alt at other sites, and I already know one site won’t accept it, or likely won’t. So I guess I’ll just write it up and see what I get.

      Hope you enjoy the story — please let me know!


  4. Would you tell us the name you were writing und and where it is posted. Although I prefer the happy endings I do read a rance of story types


    • Tom, Eve McFadden is my pen name. 🙂 I also post on various sites — Literotica, EroticStories, LushStories — under the username PennLady. If you click on the link for “The Collection” in the post above, you’ll go to Yellow Silk Dreams, where it’s available for sale.


  5. […] good friend Eve McFadden (aka PennLady) wrote a great blog entry this week about writing in different genres. Obviously, we both primarily write romance, or she […]


  6. Posted by worldhistorybuff on February 26, 2012 at 2:26 pm

    Writers, like actors, tend to get typecast in one genre or another. But a truly talented author (like yourself and Tamara) can write in a multitude of genres. Think of actors like George Clooney who was hilarious in “O Brother, Where Art Thou” and an Oscar nominee for “The Descendents”.

    I guess what I’m saying is you need to write where you art takes you, whether that makes the rest of us comfortable or not.



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