New chapter up

The next chapter of Rhythm and the Blue Line is available at all the usual places. In this one, it isn’t just Ryan and Brody who are surprised to find they’re going out with each other. Plus, Brody cooks dinner. What a guy.

You can read at Literotica, StoriesOnline, EroticStories and LushStories (reminder: at Lush I have to post in smaller pieces, so it’s not the entire chapter; I’ll submit the remaining sections today and tomorrow and then it’ll be all caught up).


“No, you can cook for whoever—what?” Mark walked over and poked him in the shoulder. “When did she become your girlfriend? On the bus to Philly you said you weren’t going out with her.”

“And at the time, I wasn’t.” Brody turned the heat down on the stove. “Things change, man. That was almost two weeks ago. You need to keep up.”


“Why what?”

“Why are you going out with her?”

“Are you seriously asking me that?” When Mark didn’t answer, Brody shrugged. “I bet Hilary loves it when you get all big brother. Anyway, I wanted to. I asked, she said yes, so we’re going out. Very simple.”

Mark looked about to say something, then turned his head and paced into the living room. Brody ignored him for a few minutes, then turned around. “What is the problem here?”

“I don’t know. I like Ryan. And I know you and how you are with women.”



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