The Collection

The Collection, a novelette I wrote around Halloween, is now available as an e-book via Yellow Silk Dreams. It’s also available at Amazon.

In this story, Mark Peterson loves taking pictures of the women who intrigue him. However, he can’t stand to let them go and has found a way to keep them.

I hope you enjoy!


“Come on, you can raise it higher.” Mark stood and walked over to the dresser, where he’d laid out his lenses and rolls of film.

Chloe laughed. “Any higher and it’ll be indecent.”

“There’s nothing indecent about you. It’s just us, Chloe. I told you.”

“I know, I’ve just never done anything like this before. I was in college before I got to the point of not hiding when someone took a picture.” She blushed a little and looked away. She would be thirty next month and she still felt uncomfortable having her picture taken.

“That’s crazy.” He unscrewed one lens, studied the selection, and chose another. “You could be a model.” He rewound the film, opened the camera and took it out, then inserted up a fresh roll and threaded it around the spool.

“Oh, hardly.” She laughed. “Thanks, but no, I’m a little too short and a lot not thin enough. You’re sweet to say so, though.”

“I’m not sweet, I’m honest.” He went over to her on the bed, took her hand and brushed his lips over her palm, enjoying the flush on her cheeks and the squirm of her body as he did.

Mark stood back and checked the settings on his camera. “Go on, Chloe. Raise it a little higher.”


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