My first interview

Happy Weekend everybody!

Many thanks to Jocelyn Modo, for interviewing me on her blog. Click here for the interview.


Alright grrrls, I have a treat for you today! Please welcome the super sexy Eve McFadden to Meta Modo for a fun and friendly interview!

Jocelyn: Hi Eve, I’m not big on formalities so let’s get the basics out of the way. What’s your sign?

Eve: Aquarius. Which probably explains the frequent bathroom breaks.

Jocelyn: Aquarius is a fabulous sign! I’m a leo (hence my obsession with cats). Even though I’m fire and you’re water, Leos and Aquarius can get along famously. Have any of your characters ever used cheesy pick-up lines like, ‘What’s your sign’?

Eve: You know, I don’t think they have. That may be in large part because no one ever used one on me, so I don’t think of it. In a story I’m working on, involving a hockey player and a musician, hockey player tries a few lines in a joking way, but none are quite that cheesy. Then again, few are.


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