New Novella Released

Light and the Darkness, a short-ish (30k) erotic story of mine, is available for purchase now, and Yellow Silk Dreams and Amazon.

Jacqueline George at Yellow Silk Dreams was kind enough to invite me to release with them. I hope you enjoy. Here’s the synopsis.

Erica Wellstone is a painter, and a witch. When her brother makes a bet with vampire Jordan Castle and then tries to skip out, Castle offers her a deal: she honors the bet, and her brother gets to live. The catch is that she must figure out the wager based on Castle’s hints. Furious but anxious to protect her brother, she agrees. Jordan Castle can’t figure out why he brought the witch to his home; she brings feelings he thought long dormant out into the light of day. When she’s taken from him, he knows he’ll stop at nothing to get her back, to bring the light back into his life, which has been dark for far too long.

Light and the Darkness Cover

Light and the Darkness Cover


“I don’t know how you do this to me.” He ran his hands up her arms and pulled her to him. “You say you don’t have the power, but somehow you do it anyway.” He lowered his face to hers before she could react. Somehow, he held himself in check, merely rubbing his lips against hers.

“Do what?” She swallowed when he broke the kiss.

“You know what.” He kissed her once more, sliding his arms around her waist and pressing her to him.

Erica’s mind reeled as he broke the kiss and brushed his lips over her cheek, then her forehead. She felt like she was drifting and clung to his shoulders before she could float away.

“I want you.” He took her mouth again, swept his tongue between her lips and tasted the sunlight, the day, the fire that he’d been missing for three centuries. His hand twisted in her hair. “If you want me to stop, tell me now.”

“Don’t stop.” She pressed her lips to his neck.

With a rough growl, he kissed her once more and carried her out. He heard her gasp as he raced to his room faster than a human could dream of moving. For once, he was glad of his vampiric speed as he wanted to waste no more time that necessary before losing himself in the woman in his arms. He would give into his need as he never had before.



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  1. Posted by LL on August 14, 2011 at 10:32 pm

    I loved the story in this one.


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