Enough of love at first sight

One weakness I’ve noted in paranormal romances is that authors rely on some version of love at first sight (LAFS from now on) to bring their protagonists together. It’s often an instinctive identification of a mate, and let’s face it, it cuts out the middleman of how to get the guy and woman together.

I’m not immune; in my weretiger series (Exiled, Young Blood and All Too Human) I gave this instinct a name, the Pull. However, I tried to make it more than just hey, hi, wow, we’re in love.

In Exiled, there were two pairs who felt the Pull. The first couple were both weretigers who had known each other before. The second was a witch and a werepanther, who were strangers and neither expected it. In the first instance, the woman had been exiled from her were pack, and feared the man would suffer a similar fate, and attempted to “outrun” the Pull.

In Young Blood, Jura Griet, a weretiger, is Pulled to a vampire, who doesn’t have the same instinct. So, what do you do when you love someone you aren’t sure could love you?
Finally, in All Too Human, a weretiger woman is attracted to a human man, and neither feels a Pull. Not to mention, said human had kidnapped her; not the most auspicious start to a relationship.
These may not be the most original situations, but I did attempt to stay away from the instant love.

The problem with LAFS in any genre is that it often deprives us of seeing the couple work it out and get together. Paranormal LAFS is helpful in that it gets your peeps together quickly as they band together to face a common threat. Once LAFS has been established, the conflict, almost inevitably, involves one mate being kidnapped and the other going after them (and that is usually the female taken, and the male pursuing). Not everyone does this, of course, and it’s refreshing to see things like this story, by DoctorWolf.

On the other hand, part of what people like — and want — about romance is the conflict. Sure, we like the hugs and kisses and all of that (come on, you know you do) but it’s more fun and more rewarding when they get those after they solve their problems.

The thrill of the chase is fun, but sometimes the chase needs to run a little longer.


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